10 useful 3D prints for your kitchen


Many times we don’t know what to print with our 3d printers, or we don’t realize that we could print really useful articles that make our life in the kitchen easier.

That’s why we offer you 10 useful 3D impressions for your kitchen.

Note that if your 3d prints will be in contact with food, you should use filaments such as PLA. Prints from this post witha (*) are recommended to be used just a few times (5 or 6) to avoid the appearance of microbacteria between the layers.

1. Ravioli Maker

If you’re a homemade pasta lover, you’ll love this Ravioli Maker!

Roll the pasta dough into thin sheets. Place one of the sheets over the Ravioli Maker. Gently push down the sheet a little to make a dent for your filling. Scoop your favourite filling into the dents. Place another sheet of pasta over the filling and cover the entire thing. Use a rolling pin to roll over and press the 2 sheets of pasta against the zig zag grooves in order to separate into individual raviolis. Finally, poke your fingers through the holes to help release the raviolis.

You can download it for free from Thingiverse (*)

2. Turn a jar into a jug

Give a second life to your jars with this tool. In order to reuse instead of throwing, LeFabShop proposes this handle, which allows you to turn a jar into a jug. An excellent 3D printing idea for your kitchen.

You can download it for free from Thingiverse.

3. Sushi Maker

This contribution is great, if you understand the difficulty that a good Sushi elaboration entails. With this Sushi Maker Set, you will be able to make sushi in a much easier and faster way. The set includes different pieces: a large rectangle, a small rectangle, a circle and a heart-shaped piece. If you like sushi, print the set, and surprise the guests (or enjoy it yourself).

You can download it for free from Thingiverse (*)

4. Forks become tongs

New kitchen tongs thanks to this tool. Simply insert the forks into your print. Use them to stir salads, serve meals, or when cooking. And if you already have some tweezers in your kitchen, it doesn’t hurt to have this impression in your kitchen, does it?

You can download it for free from Thingiverse.

5. Sponge and towel holder

Unify the towel and sponge in your sink thanks to this print. Place them in your sink to keep it always at hand. The set consists of 2 pieces: the piece for the sponge, and the piece to leave the rag.
Both pieces fit a standard size faucet.

You can download it for free from Cults3D.

6. Can Holder/Dispenser

Optimize the space of your kitchen with this 3D print, with this set you can keep the cans in your refrigerator perfectly tidy.

You can download it for free from Thingiverse.

7. Egg Separator

This 3D printing separates the egg yolk from the egg white in a simple and straightforward way. Remember to print it backwards and use materials that may be in contact with food, such as PLA without additives.

You can download it for free from Thingiverse (*)

8. Kitchen pot-lid holder

This impression can change your life… well, maybe it’s a little excessive, but it’s going to help you organize the lids of the pots and pans. In short, a MUST for your kitchen.

You can download it for free from Thingiverse.

9. Knife Block/Holder for the kitchen drawer

This knife block was designed to keep the small sharp knifes from touching each other or even cutting anything they are not supposed to cut. 

You can download it for free from Thingiverse.

10. Chopstick’s Helper

Do you find it difficult to eat with chopsticks? Adapt to them with this 3D print. If you are an expert in eating with chopsticks, consider having an impression made for when you have not so skilled guests :). In addition, they will always help the little ones in the house.

You can download it for free from pinshape.

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