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Hi makers! In this post we are going to talk about 2 documentaries about the revolution of 3D printing, that you should not miss if you are maker! One of them will be more focused on the history of 3D printers, while the other one will be more focused on the uses and applications of this technology, thanks to the accessibility of 3D printers.

#1 Print The Legend

This documentary is available on Netflix, it is from 2014, and although it may seem a little old, nothing further from reality. Because Print the legend is a documentary that tells the story of 3D printing almost as we know it today.

In the documentary they explain the development of the 3D printing industry, practically since its origins in 86 with 3D Systems, talking also about the powerful company Stratasys, and telling the story of Makerbot and Formlabs (these two companies are already sounding more like us, aren’t they?) and how 3D printers have gone from being an exclusive, restrictive item, and ultimately with a prohibitive price, to an item that can be purchased and used by anyone.

In addition, this documentary will show the approach to 3D printing of weapons, and how this technology can be used both to do good and to do evil, and ultimately, the risks involved in liberalizing the use of 3D printers.

If you feel like watching it, leave us a comment with your opinion about the documentary.

#2 Hackers, makers, la science des amateurs

This documentary goes beyond 3D printing, dealing in a more generic way with the issue of the liberalization of knowledge thanks to the Internet, and how “amateur” users can do today, the work that until a few years ago, was restricted to a few, or rather, to a few companies, from the creation of functional electronic components, to genetic modifications or bioimplants.

But, in spite of dealing with this variety of subjects, the documentary is closely linked to 3D printing, since in many cases, the 3D printer is a fundamental part of the realization of projects by these “amateur” makers, making possible the creation of objects on crucial occasions, thanks to the lower cost of using this technology.

You can watch this documentary here.

Both documentaries emphasize the importance of the open source concept for the advancement of 3D printing, as well as for technology in general, as thanks to this model, technological progress is accelerated.

If you know of any other documentaries about this technology, we would be delighted to add them to the list, We look forward to your impressions!

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